Frequently Asked Questions - Money

How much money will I need?

We require the first month's rent in advance and the equivalent of six weeks rent to be held as a security deposit. The deposit must be registered with one of the government approved schemes. We will arrange this. You will be required to pay an administration fee of £83 (Plus VAT) when moving in. When moving out you will be charged a check-out fee of £83 (Plus VAT). Should we renew your tenancy there will be no fees.

What other costs will I pay?

In addition to paying the rent you will be required to pay the personal charges. Typically these will include electricity, gas (if connected), water charges, telephone land line (if connected) and television charges. All this will be clearly set out in the tenancy agreement.

You will also pay the Council Tax at the rate applicable to your circumstance.

All the above are personal charges and you can exercise considerable control over such things as the amount of electricity and gas used, whether you choose to use the telephone land-line, and the television services you require.

If you rent a flat in a block, then the landlord will continue to pay the service charge. This is good news for the tenant as usually this is the most expensive charge of all!

When do I get my deposit back?

The balance of the deposit will then be returned to you. Ensure that you give a forwarding address and make sure that this address is accurate with the correct post code. If there are no problems on the conclusion of a tenancy your deposit will be returned within ten working days.

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