Landlord Fees

The fees for our services are:

  • An initial set-up fee; £200
  • Full Management; 15% of the rent which we deduct monthly for the duration of the tenancy

Optional fees are:

  • First inventory compilation fee; £200
  • Obtaining estimates and supervision of major works (works above £1,500); 12.5%
  • Work performed by JA Management personnel in lieu of contractors:
  1. Cleaning; £12.50 per hour
  2. Repairs and maintenance; £25 per hour

All fees above are plus VAT.

All the services are included in the above fees. We do not charge additional fees for visits to the property, communicating with the tenants, renewing the tenancy, protecting the deposit, copying statements or arranging and managing works with contractors below £1,500).

We do not offer tenant find only or short-let services.

Tenant Fees

Tenants are only charged two fees during a tenancy throughout a tenancy, a check in and a check out fee, both £83 plus VAT. No fees are charged for viewing a property, renewing a tenancy or repairs that are not the tenants responsibility.

A tenant will be liable to pay for any repairs or alterations or fees that are required during the tenancy as a result of actions taken by the Tenant (for example; if the Tenant loses their set of keys and new keys must be cut or if a re-connection fee must be paid to the electricity provider due to the Tenant not paying the electricity bill)

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