Block Management Services

  • We offer a range of services from simple invoicing and collection systems to full management.
  • We ensure the cash flow is well controlled so money is always available to meet the needs.
  • We structure separate bank accounts for client's monies completely apart from JA Management bank accounts.
  • We submit regular statements so the client is well informed of the financial situation.
  • We welcome the most rigorous auditing.
  • We monitor all maintenance requirements and ensure that each property has the most cost effective work. When required we closely manage major works.
  • We ensure that each property has appropriate security and fire precautions in place. We maintain the Health & Safety registers.
  • We engage staff as required. Each member of staff has a clear job description. We encourage the staff to take a pride in the properties we manage.
  • We ensure the insurances adequately cover the building. We monitor claims, both for the benefit of leaseholders and to ensure renewal at favourable rates.
  • We ensure, for the collective benefit of all, that leaseholders and tenants comply with their leases.
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