Rental Management Testimonials


“I have known John Peartree and used him as my letting agent for a period stretching back for about twenty years. During that long time I have found him to be honest and reliable and have enjoyed good regular income. Importantly, JA Management pay the rent over promptly with easily understood monthly statements. They also deal promptly and efficiently with and repair or maintenance needs. In more recent time I have met Andrew Peartree and formed the opinion that he too has an aptitude for property management. I have no hesitation in recommending JAM management to other landlords looking for an efficient and reliable agent.”

Henry R Magrill, London W2

“JA Management are my letting agents, they have a fair and clear agreement with me, their fees are reasonable and they have obtained high quality tenants for me. They attend promptly to any queries and to anything in my apartment that needs fixing. Their accounting is excellent; they pay over the monthly rent less their charges and expenses on time, and provide a monthly statement with receipts/invoices to back up any expenses. I was particularly impressed by the helpful advice they gave me when my apartment needed upgrading, and the quality and good value-for-money of the contractors they engaged to do the work. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.”

Patrick Hewett, Watford

“JA Management manages my property and I have known John Peartree personally for over ten years. As an overseas landlord it is particularly important to me to have trust and confidence in my letting agent. Their fees are reasonable for the quality of their service and they give impressive attention to detail when attending to repairs and maintenance in the property. They project managed a total refurbishment of the apartment and in addition to using cost efficient contractors they displayed good taste and judgement on the decoration and furnishings. I was delighted with the outcome: I had considered using an interior designer but the results that JA Management achieved made that unnecessary and I thus saved another expense. I am very pleased with the quality of JA Management’s service and would recommend them to any landlord – particularly if you live some distance from your rental property.”

Mike Horner, Singapore

“Dear John & Andrew, I would like to take the time to thank you both. I was very pleased with the improved level of service and communications since you took over the management of my property at Orsett Terrace, London W2 and for a very reasonable fee. The rent is paid into my account promptly, statements arrive regularly via e-mail, and concise clear communications arrive in a timely manner. Repairs are carried out promptly and at a reasonable rate as are upgrades to maintain rentability. I believe the tenants you have secured are looking after my property as if it were their own and I would have no hesitation recommending you as property managers”

Lawrence Tracey, Vancouver Canada

“About JA Management; I have found JA Management as one of the most active and honest in London and the Management Agreement they have provided is fair & with reasonable fees. I am satisfied with the standard of tenants they have secured for me. Their prompt responses to queries are very much appreciated. For all of those reasons I would like to recommend JA Management to other Land Lords.”

Dr. Mohammad K. Samarkandy, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

“As a landlord I have been very satisfied with JA Management. The flat has seldom been empty for long and the tenants have always been reliable. Any problems with the flat have always been dealt with promptly and JAM is quick to arrange repairs or replacement equipment at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to recommend the agency to other landlords.”

Janet Read, Bath UK


“When we first viewed the apartment, we liked the flat which was in clean condition and with systematic arrangement of the furniture. John has given us a very clear direction and guided us in terms of references and other documents required to secure the tenancy. The administration fee was reasonable (100 GBP inclusive VAT) as compared with other letting agents. We received a very prompt response from John and also from caretaker of the building for any queries and any fixing we needed. We are enjoying our stay at the apartment as it is very peaceful and secured location in Bayswater. I strongly recommend John and even in future if we wish to move to London, our first point of contact for renting flat will be John.”

Rupesh Ganeshe, Bayswater London W2

“Dealing with JA Management has been an easy and pleasant experience. Things couldn’t have gone smoother and easier with JA Management. I can recommend JA Management as the best Estate Agents to deal with.”

Bill Bentley, Monaco

“When I first viewed the flat I was happy to find the property in squeaky clean condition (not always the case with other flats!) I immediately felt at ease thanks to the conduct of JA Management personnel who were pleasant, helpful and explained clearly about the flat and what was required in terms of money and references. I had to move in fairly quickly and they were able to facilitate this, making things easy for me.

The tenancy agreement is easy to understand and I consider fair. Their administration fee of £100 including VAT was much less than many other agents were asking. The appliances in the flat have worked well over the past year. The few queries I have had have been attended to quickly. I have been impressed with JA Management and would definitely recommend them to other tenants who want an honest and reliable agent.”

Anti Antono, Bayswater London W2


“We have found JA Management to be attentive and honest. The renting of our flat was professionally administered and, since then, requests for attention to faulty or missing equipment have resulted in prompt attention to have fixed or simply replaced for new. We found the lease process to be very transparent as JA Management had done a great job of laying out all the fees and payments involved upfront. They had very clearly identified the payment responsibility for the tenant and the landlord which made the decision making fairly easy.

We are very pleased with our apartment and feel comfortable with JA Management as the letting agents.”

Avani Dhond, Bayswater London W2

“Ever since first dealing with JA Management back in 2001, our impression of them has been very positive. The initial showing of the flat was very informative with regards to what papers and money were needed; everything was explained in a very transparent manner. The rental agreement is fair, as are the fees and the actual rent. The flat itself is lovely, very clean and very well kept. If there are any problems we can count on JAM to fix them quickly and satisfactory.

We have been so pleased with, them that when we had to move out of the place after 9 years, we were more than happy to choose a different flat from them, knowing that JAM would continue to be our landlord. In the last 10 years it is safe to say that we have built a personal rapport, so much so, that we have been to the local pub together to celebrate the new lease.

We cannot recommend them enough.”

Anja Linke & Julio Rodriguez, Bayswater London W2

“When we first visited the flat we very much liked its clean condition. John Peartree explained clearly both about the flat and what was required from us in terms of money and references. The tenancy agreement was very good for us and the administration fee we had to pay was reasonable, especially compared to other property management companies in London. The whole process of renting the flat and obtaining the keys went very smoothly.

Since moving in the few queries we have had have been attended to quickly. We have been very happy in the flat and have recently renewed our contract for another year. We have been impressed with JA Management and have no hesitation in recommending them to other tenants who want an honest and reliable agent.”

Dr. Kostas Konstantopoulos & Dr. Nancy Stathopoulou, Bayswater London W2

“When I first viewed the flat I was impressed both with the clean condition of the property and the kindness of JA Management agent. JA Management were helpful and explained clearly about the flat and what was required to move-in.

The tenancy agreement was easy to understand and fair. The equipment in the flat has worked well over the past year. I have been impressed with JA Management and have no hesitation in recommending them to other tenants who want good and fair agents which are always here when you need.”

Vincent Soucaret, Bayswater London W2