Block Management Services

We are managing agents for residential blocks of flats in London. Our objective is to maximise the return on your investment by enhancing the values of the property we manage for you. We aim to achieve:

  • The most pleasant residential environment for leaseholders and tenants.
  • The maximum rental values should you choose to rent out your property.
  • The maximum resale value.

We question all expenses in the firm belief that many requirements can be accomplished for lower costs and possibly to higher standards. We believe it is our duty to encourage prompt payment of your service charges or rent; Slow payment endangers standards. Owners, leaseholders and tenants appreciate good communications and prompt attention to queries. We give both.

  • We offer a range of services from simple invoicing and collection systems to full management.
  • We ensure the cash flow is well controlled, so money is always available to meet the needs.
  • We structure bank accounts for clients’ monies completely apart from JA Management bank accounts.
  • We arranging and attending leaseholder meetings as and when required.
  • We offer Company Secretary services where appropriate (maintaining records and registers, calling and minuting meetings, completing and submitting Annual Return etc.).
  • We prepare Section 20 Notices of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 as required when major works are undertaken.
  • We liaise with lessees and tenants as and when necessary. We will be the first port of call for any issues with the property.
  • We submit regular statements so the client is well informed of the financial situation.
  • We will promptly prepare the annual budget and, in collaboration with your accountant, the year-end accounts. We welcome the most rigorous auditing.
  • We monitor all maintenance requirements and ensure that each property has the most cost-effective work. When required we closely monitor major works.
  • We ensure that each property has appropriate security and fire precautions in place.
  • We engage staff as required. Each member has a clear job description. We encourage the staff to take pride in the properties we manage.
  • We ensure the insurances adequately cover the building. We monitor claims, both for the benefit of leaseholders and to ensure renewal at favourable rates.
  • We ensure, for the collective benefit of all, that leaseholders and tenants comply with their leases.